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Whether you’re in need of quality truck lighting for your early morning job or you want to light the trail with confidence, it pays to invest in the right lighting upgrades for the job. Drivers across Alberta have come to rely on Tidy Truck of Lloydminster for the best truck lights and accessories, including mounting kits, conversion kits, headlights and taillights, and more.

If you’ve considered making the upgrade to LED lighting but cannot justify the cost, keep reading for a few of the top benefits of this modern light bulb. Our shop offers the best truck accessories around, and we’re confident that we can outfit your ride for success!


If you’ve purchased LED lights for your home, you likely know about one of their top benefits — long lifespans. Many drivers visit our truck shop in Lloydminster with the plan of investing in quality headlights, and are surprised to learn that our LED truck lights may outlive the vehicle itself.

To give you an idea of how effective these lights are compared to traditional bulbs, we’ve compiled a few industry averages covering the life expectancy of each product:

  • Halogen — 1,000 hours. Based on how often you drive, this number may be perfectly acceptable. For working professionals and off-road enthusiasts, halogen lights may prove to be a costly choice.
  • HID — 2,000 hours. While beneficial in many regards, drivers find that the higher cost of their HID bulbs do not outweigh how often these lights need to be replaced.
  • LED — 20,000 hours. The longevity of your LED bulbs can range from 10,000 to 30,000 hours or more, based on the quality of installation.

We’re not saying LED truck lights are perfect. Many consumers are quick to point out the upfront cost of LED bulbs, which is why we like to use math (yes, math!) to highlight the long-term advantages of this modern bulb. If an LED bulb is rated to last 10 times longer than halogens, the price should be roughly 10 times higher to break even. When you visit Tidy Truck in Lloydminster, our team can walk through which headlights are best for your needs, and will be happy to discuss why these bulbs are so much more beneficial!


Halogen bulbs are not immediately warmed up and ready to shine, and HID lights take some time to light up after being activated. While a few seconds may not sound like a big ordeal, if you’re on the road and need immediate illumination, things can get a bit hairy.

Modern LED bulbs provide immediate responsiveness, illuminating your way with ease. We offer the best lighting upgrades from trusted manufacturers, including:

  • Uni-Bond
  • Go Performance
  • Rigid Industries LED Lighting


If you’ve looked into HID bulbs, one of the first problems that will pop up is the brightness associated with the high intensity. Investing in the wrong headlights may result in bright bulbs that blind oncoming drivers. Those who rely on low-quality HID bulbs may frequently receive flashing lights from other motorists believing their brights are on. Not only is this an annoying occurrence for other drivers (and you), but it can prove to be a safety issue if the safety limits are exceeded. The bright contrast may also create shadows that impede your ability to see roadside objects.

LED lights are the perfect balance between HID and halogen bulbs. Drivers can expect quality illumination compared to traditional vehicle lights, but not too much to cause temporary blindness. If you’re interested in the brightness and efficiency of HID bulbs for hitting the trail, be sure to speak with the team at Tidy Truck for trusted brands and quality results!

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When it comes to making the most of your truck lights, it’s important to install each component as needed to avoid any issues with heat. Our experienced team members can help you each step of the way to install your LED lights for long-term success.

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