Tool Boxes and Transfer Tanks


Our truck accessory shop in Lloydminster stocks all of the aftermarket parts your ride needs to get the job done, including our LINE-X sprays. When it comes to tool boxes and transfer tanks, you can trust us to provide the right fit to keep your truck fully stocked and fueled up for the work ahead.



Finding the Right Combination

With so many varieties of tanks and boxes available, it can prove challenging trying to find the fit for your needs. However, doing so can help to enhance your on-road capabilities for years to come. Read about the three types of equipment below, and be sure to contact us if you need assistance in finding the right aftermarket truck parts!

Tool Boxes

Stow your essential gear with peace of mind through one of the many quality toolboxes available through our stores. Tidy Truck can provide the right fit for your truck bed, increasing storage space in an aesthetically pleasing manner. We can find the right style and colour to enhance your ride.

Transfer Tanks

Available in a range of options, our transfer tanks provide the versatility and peace of mind most professionals need. Our team can help you find the right fit to get to your destination, whether it’s across town or across Canada. These tanks are also beneficial for refueling equipment out on the site, including a variety of diesel-reliant machinery.

Fuel Tank and Tool Box Combinations

One smart way to maximize your space and effectiveness on the road is to invest in a refueling tank and toolbox hybrid from Tidy Truck. You can find the right size and style for your specific needs. Our truck shop is here to find a precise fit for your make and model of vehicle, as well as provide the guidance needed for a secure install.

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Once you find the right transfer tank or tool box for your truck, our team can provide a quality finish with our skilled installation services. It is essential to create the best outcome to protect our environment. This install helps to ensure your vehicle conforms to all industry regulations before you even leave our truck shop!

Tidy Truck Boxliners of Lloydminster is here to provide a full range of high-quality truck accessories to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Be sure to stop our location to find the right parts for your vehicle, and contact us online or fill out the form below if you have questions!

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