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Your truck is a big investment and a valuable part of your inventory. Whether you’re planning on taking on the trails this weekend or working away at the jobsite, it’s important to have a vehicle with the right protection to provide years of quality use. You expect a lot from your truck, and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to help you get the most value out of your investment.

Our LINE-X and truck accessory specialists have the skills, experience, and equipment to provide high-quality results to drivers in need. We founded our business on high-quality wood bed liners, and from there, we expanded into industry-leading truck accessories and more. Regardless of your vehicle needs, Tidy Truck Boxliners can provide the support needed to generate a high-quality result.

Before you decide whether or not to invest in this spray-on bed liner, keep reading for a few of the top benefits of utilizing LINE-X as an investment. When you’re ready to get started,...


LINE-X sprays have become the industry leader for protective coatings for both vehicles and commercial applications. Across North America, drivers are relying on this polyurea spray to deliver the perfect balance of beauty, flexibility, and rugged protection. LINE-X is now available in numerous spray configurations to provide the right defense at the right price, ranging from the CLASSIC spray to the ULTRA. You’ve likely heard that you can install this protective coating as a proven bed liner, but what about the rest of your truck?

Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to provide exceptional finishes to drivers in need. Our team strives to offer quality LINE-X sprays in addition to our industry-leading truck accessories, including tonneau covers, aftermarket truck lights, off-road upgrades, and more, to help you customise your vehicle for success.

We’re passionate about quality, and will be happy to help you find the right protection for your vehicle. Keep...


Whether you’re in need of quality truck lighting for your early morning job or you want to light the trail with confidence, it pays to invest in the right lighting upgrades for the job. Drivers across Alberta have come to rely on Tidy Truck of Lloydminster for the best truck lights and accessories, including mounting kits, conversion kits, headlights and taillights, and more.

If you’ve considered making the upgrade to LED lighting but cannot justify the cost, keep reading for a few of the top benefits of this modern light bulb. Our shop offers the best truck accessories around, and we’re confident that we can outfit your ride for success!


Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to provide the best solutions for working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. From your vehicle to the workshop, a number of tools are relied upon daily to get the job done, which is where our services can provide serious results. Beyond our top-notch truck accessories, we also offer protective coatings for a variety of surfaces.

Keep reading to learn more about the versatility and value of our LINE-X sprays and protective coatings, and be sure to contact us today for your quote. Are you looking for rugged truck accessories to take on the trails, or custom wood boxes to outfit your work vehicle? Browse our site for more information!