Our Shop Offers Protective Coatings in Addition to Truck Accessories

Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to provide the best solutions for working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. From your vehicle to the workshop, a number of tools are relied upon daily to get the job done, which is where our services can provide serious results. Beyond our top-notch truck accessories, we also offer protective coatings for a variety of surfaces.

Keep reading to learn more about the versatility and value of our LINE-X sprays and protective coatings, and be sure to contact us today for your quote. Are you looking for rugged truck accessories to take on the trails, or custom wood boxes to outfit your work vehicle? Browse our site for more information!


Tidy Truck’s most popular LINE-X service, the addition of a protective coating to the bed of your truck, can provide a wide range of advantages. Daily wear and tear can come from dozens of sources, including inclement weather, tossed-in tools, and sliding materials. LINE-X coatings bond at the chemical level, providing an ideal coating for your truck’s surfaces. Many drivers invest in our protective coatings to benefit from waterproof results, keeping stains and corrosion away.

Our LINE-X shop has the expertise to outfit your vehicle for a variety of scenarios. We can also coat the rocker panels, fenders, and other critical aspects of your work vehicle for long-term protection.


Businesses of all types rely on protective coatings to keep their investments safe from harm. When professionally installed, these spray-on liners can deliver a versatile level of protection that is eco-friendly and cures to an inert substance. This formulation makes products such as LINE-X ideal for use in numerous fields, including:

  • Off-road vehicle rental companies
  • Municipal applications
  • Utility trailers
  • Public areas
  • Search and rescue applications
  • And more


From warehouses to assembly lines, manufacturing plants, and more, a variety of industries rely on polyurea coatings for top-tier protection from the most strenuous environmental conditions. Your company may require a floor system that resists abrasions, impacts, corrosion, and more. Our protective coatings are tailored to be fast, efficient, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Regardless of your industry-specific needs, LINE-X of Lloydminster is here to deliver the best results. We can install our spray-on liners to benefit your company:

  • Aesthetics — Improve the look of your facility with the rugged appearance of LINE-X sprays. Our team has the skill to ensure your industrial coatings look like they were factory-made. You can also select a number of colours and textures as needed.
  • Enhanced protection — No other protective coating is known for the same level of strength as LINE-X. Our coatings are meant to be strong enough to take on any working conditions.
  • Extended longevity — Rugged protection helps to minimize wear and tear, elongating the life expectancy of your valuable equipment.
  • Product versatility — From high heats to freezing temperatures, industrial facilities can be exposed to a range of environmental changes. Speak to one of our professionals to learn about the many applications available.
  • Reduced maintenance demands — The seamless protection of LINE-X helps to minimize upkeep, reducing your product maintenance while maintaining a shining finish.

As an investment, LINE-X can elongate your industrial equipment and machinery for years to come. Tidy Truck is here to offer personalized solutions for each customer we assist, and will be happy to discuss our available industrial coating services with you.


LINE-X has been formulated to deliver ideal protection on nearly everything out there. Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to ensure you leave our shop happy with the results. We specialize in spray-in bedliners for a variety of vehicles, and can apply our protective coatings to your facility and equipment.

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