What can Line-X Protect on Your Truck

LINE-X sprays have become the industry leader for protective coatings for both vehicles and commercial applications. Across North America, drivers are relying on this polyurea spray to deliver the perfect balance of beauty, flexibility, and rugged protection. LINE-X is now available in numerous spray configurations to provide the right defense at the right price, ranging from the CLASSIC spray to the ULTRA. You’ve likely heard that you can install this protective coating as a proven bed liner, but what about the rest of your truck?

Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to provide exceptional finishes to drivers in need. Our team strives to offer quality LINE-X sprays in addition to our industry-leading truck accessories, including tonneau covers, aftermarket truck lights, off-road upgrades, and more, to help you customise your vehicle for success.

We’re passionate about quality, and will be happy to help you find the right protection for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about what all LINE-X can protect on your truck, then be sure to reach out to the Tidy Truck team for your free estimate!


Everyone knows LINE-X is tough, but is it versatile? Drivers love the sure protection for their truck beds, and are often surprised to learn that LINE-X of Lloydminster can apply our protective coatings to nearly any surface. When it comes to the exterior of your vehicle, LINE-X can deliver proven protection, keeping scrapes, gouges, and dents at bay while also providing waterproofing to keep subsequent rust and corrosion out.

You work hard, and now want to ensure that your truck can work as hard as you do. LINE-X coatings are proven to deliver the best protection for nearly any surface or component, including:

  • Beds — Our spray-on bed liner provides superior protection to keep your truck bed in prime condition for decades to come.
  • Hoods — This surface makes a big statement with the overall aesthetics of your vehicle, which is why some drivers choose LINE-X for lasting protection and beauty. This coating can keep rust out and deliver a rugged finish to enhance your ride.
  • Rocker panels — These steel pieces run along the sides of your vehicle frame in between the wheel wells, but are always in close proximity to the road. LINE-Xing your rocker panels can provide long-term peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle’s support elements are safe from damage and corrosion.
  • Fender flares — Stylish, rugged, and built to improve safety, your fender flares may come into contact with a lot of mud and road debris.
  • Bumpers — This truck bumper guard is ideal for taking on the road without compromising your bumper. Minimize the scratches, dents, and rust associated with the road, as well as the hassle of keeping things clean!
  • Nerf bars — Truck steps such as running boards and nerf bars are tasked with providing a stable platform and protecting the body from damage. Keep these steps in ideal condition with LINE-X.
  • Panels — With LINE-X Body Armour, drivers have found success in LINE-Xing their entire vehicle! Check out our gallery to see the results in action, and be sure to ask about an estimate to learn how much full-body coverage will cost you!


Some off-road enthusiasts like to take their rugged capabilities to the extreme. In these cases, LINE-X can be applied to interior surfaces to provide rigid results from mud, dirt, and all of life’s activities.

Many Jeep owners as well as truck hobbyists turn to LINE-X sprays to upgrade their interior. If you’ve never considered a protective coating for the inside of your vehicle, LINE-X can help to protect:

  • Floorboards — Oust those floor liners and rely on long-lasting results from LINE-X’d floors! This application is simple, affordable, and durable.
  • Dash panels — Nearly every square inch of your vehicle can be coated in LINE-X, so why not the dash panel? This upgrade provides a serious upgrade to the aesthetics of your vehicle interior. Plus, your dash panel will last forever!
  • Jeep tubs — If you drive this line of vehicles, then you may be interested in protecting the steel body tub that comprises the base of the body’s framework, including the floors and vehicle bed. LINE-X can provide 360 degrees of protection with looks that can’t be beat!

Is LINE-X Heavy?

Many drivers visit our LINE-X shop in Lloydminster with the notion that these protective coatings will add a bunch of weight to the vehicle. Our exterior LINE-X sprays are around 65mils thick on average, generating the perfect balance of protection and lighter weight. Adding a spray-in bed liner from LINE-X will only add a little weight, as professionals have calculated that a full vehicle spray weighs less than 90 pounds. When you consider how much protection you’re receiving for this added weight, the minor increase in heaviness is well worth it!

Is LINE-X Expensive?

While this is a relative term, LINE-X sprays can prove to be a very cost-effective investment, especially when you compare our protective coatings with standard paint applications. Our team will put in the same level of preparation as a paint job, except that we then utilize our polyurea spray to create the right finish. The result is a lasting liner designed to protect for decades, all for less than the cost of a paint job.

Quality Matters

One thing to keep in mind is that the ultimate quality of your LINE-X project will depend largely on the skills and experience of your hired professionals. Poor prep work or shoddy installation practices can result in surfaces that flake, bubble, or peel. While LINE-X offers a lifetime warranty against defects in product quality, poor craftsmanship can lead to results that ultimately disappoint. You want the best, so be sure to team up with the best!


Ready to get started? Contact us online to receive your estimate and schedule your appointment. Tidy Truck and LINE-X of Lloydminster specialise in LINE-X coatings and truck accessories to help drivers achieve the best results. We look forward to speaking with you!